Several of my stories are set in the same settings, and are listed below for reference. The order they are listed in is chronological in that setting, though the stories can stand on their own and be read in any order.

The Elect

Shapeshifting immortals who rely on silk and amber for their magic.

  1. We Who Steal Faces
  2. Proteus Lost
  3. The Paragon Lure
  4. Metamorphoses in Amber

Tales of Mercuria

Legends set in the lands of Mercuria, from the Tsardom to the Zephyr Isle.

  1. The Marotte
  2. The Shadow-Witch
  3. Cygnet’s Shadow
  4. Swan’s Grace
  5. Silk and Shadow
  6. Come Frost, Sun, and Vine

Leolithic Wonders

An alternate history fantasy series set in Ys and Lyonesse, featuring Professor Tremaine Voss.

  1. Sphinx!
  2. Night of the Manticore
  3. The Curse of Chimère
  4. Creature of the Thaumatrope
  5. Our Chymical Séance

Strange Events of the Song Dynasty

Stories set in the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, with elements of alternate history.

  1. A Spirited Education
  2. The Gold Silkworm
  3. A Sweet Calling
  4. No Sweeter Art
  5. The Sweetest Skill
  6. That Lingering Sweetness (forthcoming)
  7. The Character of the Hound
  8. The Spirit of Wine (forthcoming)

New Myths of Ancient Greece

History meets myth in ancient Greece.

  1. Aesop’s Last Fable
  2. Zeno’s Last Paradox
  3. A Gorgon Comes For Hades’ Helm

Stilts and Sorcery

Stories featuring Stiltlings.

  1. The Tremor Road
  2. Stilts and Straw