Zeno’s Last Paradox

Zeno’s Last Paradox
Abyss & Apex #16, 4th Quarter 2005. (fantasy short story)

“No one else understood the Gorgon’s true power, or what it would take to destroy her. I was Elea’s last hope.”


The other Zeno tale, Tony Pi’s “Zeno’s Last Paradox”, is the best piece of short fiction in the issue…You know it’s a variation of a Trickster tale, but Pi’s skillful twisting of mythic and Trickster tropes carry you along…”Paradox” reminds me of Ovid’s Metamorphoses – wry, grandiloquent, and intelligent. I wouldn’t be surprised if this tale ends up anthologized in a collection of modern myths; it’s a consummately crafted and entertaining gem. — Elizabeth A. Allen, Tangent Online

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