Aesop’s Last Fable

“Aesop’s Last Fable”
ON SPEC, #72, vol 20 no 1, Spring 2008. (fantasy short story)

“What is your name, old man?” she asked. “Why does the mob take pleasure in your death?”


In the case of the current issue, its first story is one of the strongest. “Aesop’s Last Fable” by Tony Pi uses Aesop’s death as a launching point for a tale that pits the Greek storyteller against the legendary Sphinx…While I generally lack enthusiasm for reworked Greek mythology, this story won me over by being well-told and delivering exactly what it promises…a compact and enjoyable read. — Dan Alamia, The Fix Online

More good stuff from the colonies. ‘Aesop’s Last Fable’ by Tony Pi is an untold ancient Greek story about Aesop’s death, based on fact and his afterlife, which is not so well documented…This is quite good fun. — Eamonn Murphy, SF Crowsnest

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