The Character of the Hound

The Dragon and the Stars
“The Character of the Hound”
The Dragon and the Stars, DAW, 2010. (fantasy short story)

also available as a podcast

“All soldiers who bear the character of the hound, come with me!”



gripping adventure tale  — Claude Lalumière, Montreal Gazette

Tony Pi’s well-wrought “The Character of the Hound” and Emery Huang’s “Lips of Ash” both make excellent use of a shapeshifter mythology that differs significantly from the lycanthropic lore most English readers know. — JD DeLuzio, Bureau 42

I have never read nor heard of this writer before, but now I want to read more of his writings. Part cautionary tale for traitors, part murder mystery and learning when to compromise, this story was engaging from the first page. Wu Fan is an engineer for the Song Dynasty and is called upon to perform a special service for his country; he is to house a shen (spirit) to help solve a murder and theft. The story moves at an even pace, with Lu Fan and then Lu Fan/Quan Shen (Hound Spirit)’s narratives being distinct, but familiar. Its an interesting concept and one I hope the author explores in another short story or even a longer novel. — Lexie C., BSC Review

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