Come Frost, Sun, and Vine

“Come Frost, Sun, and Vine”
Tales of the Unanticipated, #29, Autumn/Winter 2008. (fantasy short story)

“I only wanted to ransom it for power, to speed us to our success. Is that so wrong?”


My favorite stories included…Tony Pi’s “Come Frost, Sun, and Vine”, a story with a Russian fairy tale flavor, about three brothers who each woo the Tsar’s daughter. — Richard Horton, Year End Summaries 2008

In Tony Pi’s “Come Frost, Sun, and Vine,” three brothers bury their mother and set off on a journey where they happen across the swan maidens…Pi’s writing of mythos has a smooth and engaging appeal. While not this reader’s favorite story of Pi’s, this story may appeal to readers who enjoy a classic magical setting. The choices that these three brothers make along the way provide a backdrop for reader reflection and resonance. — Rae Bryant, The Fix Online

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