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“We Who Steal Faces” Reviewed at Tangent Online

Rena Hawkins at Tangent Online posted a review of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show #22, and had something nice to say about “We Who Steal Faces“:

Next is “We Who Steal Faces” by Tony Pi. The author has created an engaging spy thriller melding science fiction, fantasy, and historical drama. Flea, almost immortal and possessed of the power to assume any face he wishes, is a member of the Elect and a spy for Queen Elizabeth. When Flea’s spy network contacts start to sicken and die all around him, he suspects poison and must find the elusive universal antidote of Mithridates. Flea soon realizes the holder of the antidote and the enemy he battles are both more powerful than he ever suspected.

I’m working on another installment of Flea’s adventures, but will need to do more research on something in World War II.

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“A Sweet Calling” Podcast Reviewed

David Steffen wrote an article called The Best of Clarkesworld Podcast and mentioned “A Sweet Calling” as one of his favourites. Kate Baker, who narrates the Clarkesworld stories, does amazing work. I’m very pleased with her podcast of my story myself. He says this about my story:

A candy vendor with the ability to use his candies as avatars and who can use his ability to create elementals faces off against a dangerous foe.  A very well developed and compelling magic system based around the Chinese Zodiac.

Check out his full review.

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“Silk and Shadow” Reviewed at Bibliophile Stalker

Charles Tan reviewed THE BEST OF BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES, YEAR ONE, at his blog Bibliophile Stalker, and rather liked it. He mentions my story “Silk and Shadow” and had this to say:

…”Silk and Shadow” by Tony Pi which embraces the epic nature it’s drawing inspiration from. The characters do not veer away from your initial expectations but what sets the story apart is its magic system and how the hero uses this to outwit his enemies. One could say this is a plot-driven narrative with a well thought-out cosmology and creative mystery. What adds oomph, however, is the way Pi fashions the ending which leaves room for ambiguity and fits the notions of a Tragedy.

Thanks, Charles!

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“The Paragon Lure” Reviewed at Abyss & Apex

My novella “The Paragon Lure“, which appears in Alembical 2 from Paper Golem LLC, has received a ‘highly recommended’ rating at the new Abyss & Apex site:

Tony Pi’s “The Paragon Lure” is a prequel to his “Metamorphoses in Amber”, published in Abyss & Apex (Issue #24: 4th Quarter 2007). Art dealer Felix Lea is a member of a nearly immortal group of shape-shifters, the Elect, who use the distilled power of insectoid metamorphosis trapped in Amber to heal and change. Their rivalries and power-balances shift over the centuries, so stories set in this world are a sort of alternate history. This time it’s about some fascinating and deadly unfinished business from the time Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, but set in present day England with cell phones, jewel thieves and their fences, and a police detective who just happens to be the daughter of the fence who works for Felix Lea. The Paragon Lure is a gem associated with Good Queen Bess, and it’s used to bait a deadly trap that has no concern for mere mortals. Highly recommended.

Also reviewed are 2 other great novellas from Alembical 2: David D. Levine’s “Second Chances” and J. Kathleen Cheney’s “Iron Shoes”.

If you are a voting member for the Hugos, Nebulas, or other awards and would like to see a copy of my story for consideration, please drop me a line. Thank you.


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