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Year of the Water Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Year of the Water Dragon, and I happen to have a free story that features a water dragon that takes place during the Lantern Festival (the 15th day of the new year):

A Sweet Calling“, Clarkesworld #44

(podcast version)



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“A Sweet Calling” Podcast Reviewed

David Steffen wrote an article called The Best of Clarkesworld Podcast and mentioned “A Sweet Calling” as one of his favourites. Kate Baker, who narrates the Clarkesworld stories, does amazing work. I’m very pleased with her podcast of my story myself. He says this about my story:

A candy vendor with the ability to use his candies as avatars and who can use his ability to create elementals faces off against a dangerous foe.  A very well developed and compelling magic system based around the Chinese Zodiac.

Check out his full review.

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“A Sweet Calling” Extra

A Sweet Calling” in Clarkesworld #44 is my tribute to the vanishing art of candy blowing, which has been seen in the streets of China since the Tang Dynasty.

Watch a modern Tangren at work:


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