“We Who Steal Faces” Reviewed at Tangent Online

Rena Hawkins at Tangent Online posted a review of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show #22, and had something nice to say about “We Who Steal Faces“:

Next is “We Who Steal Faces” by Tony Pi. The author has created an engaging spy thriller melding science fiction, fantasy, and historical drama. Flea, almost immortal and possessed of the power to assume any face he wishes, is a member of the Elect and a spy for Queen Elizabeth. When Flea’s spy network contacts start to sicken and die all around him, he suspects poison and must find the elusive universal antidote of Mithridates. Flea soon realizes the holder of the antidote and the enemy he battles are both more powerful than he ever suspected.

I’m working on another installment of Flea’s adventures, but will need to do more research on something in World War II.

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