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From the Archives: Zeno’s Last Paradox

The second Abyss & Apex story from their archives is “Zeno’s Last Paradox” from 2005, which is one of my earliest stories. Conceived originally as a play, this remains one I would love to have a podcast version or a stage adaptation.

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From the Archives: Night of the Manticore

It appears that Abyss & Apex is no longer charging for access to their past issues. I have three stories published there that I am very fond of, and am glad they are now free-to-read. I’ll introduce one a day here.

The first A&A story is my 2010 novelette “Night of the Manticore“. Set in the same steampunk world as “The Curse of Chimere” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies), this features Professor Tremaine Voss at a most unusual dinner that soon turns deadly. The good professor has featured in a previous story (“Sphinx!”) as well, and I have further adventures planned for him soon.

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“The Paragon Lure” Reviewed at Abyss & Apex

My novella “The Paragon Lure“, which appears in Alembical 2 from Paper Golem LLC, has received a ‘highly recommended’ rating at the new Abyss & Apex site:

Tony Pi’s “The Paragon Lure” is a prequel to his “Metamorphoses in Amber”, published in Abyss & Apex (Issue #24: 4th Quarter 2007). Art dealer Felix Lea is a member of a nearly immortal group of shape-shifters, the Elect, who use the distilled power of insectoid metamorphosis trapped in Amber to heal and change. Their rivalries and power-balances shift over the centuries, so stories set in this world are a sort of alternate history. This time it’s about some fascinating and deadly unfinished business from the time Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, but set in present day England with cell phones, jewel thieves and their fences, and a police detective who just happens to be the daughter of the fence who works for Felix Lea. The Paragon Lure is a gem associated with Good Queen Bess, and it’s used to bait a deadly trap that has no concern for mere mortals. Highly recommended.

Also reviewed are 2 other great novellas from Alembical 2: David D. Levine’s “Second Chances” and J. Kathleen Cheney’s “Iron Shoes”.

If you are a voting member for the Hugos, Nebulas, or other awards and would like to see a copy of my story for consideration, please drop me a line. Thank you.


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2010 in Review: Stories

Now that all of my stories for 2010 have been published, here’s a summary of where they appear. The links below go to subpages with links and reviews. It’s the most I’ve published in any single year, and the reviews for my stories have been very positive, so an excellent year overall.

Short Stories

“A Sweet Calling”Clarkesworld #44, May 2010 (online)
“The Gold Silkworm”Fantasy Magazine, December 13, 2010 (online)
“The Character of the Hound”The Dragon and the Stars, DAW Books, May 2010 (print)
“The Curse of Chimère”Beneath Ceaseless Skies #53, October 7, 2010 (online)
“Cygnet’s Shadow”On Spec #80, Spring 2010 (print)


“Night of the Manticore”Abyss & Apex #33, January 2010 (novelette, online)


“The Paragon Lure”Alembical 2, Paper Golem LLC, June 2010 (print)


“Silk and Shadow”The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year One (online)

As it’s also award nomination season, some readers may also find this list useful as a reading guide. I’ve received very positive reviews for “A Sweet Calling” (in the short story category) and “The Paragon Lure” (in the novella category). The former is readily available on the web, and the latter is available to SFWA members in the discussion forums. Or, contact me if you prefer a different format. Thank you for your consideration.

Note: Some works are eligible for certain awards due to geographical restrictions. “The Paragon Lure” is ineligible for the Prix Aurora Borealis Award, and “Cygnet’s Shadow” is ineligible for the Nebula or Hugo Awards.

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