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My ChiCon Schedule

Thu Aug 30 3-3:30 pm – Reading: Tony Pi (Dusable)

Thu Aug 30 4:30-6:00 pm – Logic and Time Travel (Crystal C)
If time travel stories are inherently illogical, how can we read them — let alone write them?
Anaea Lay, James Bryant, Laura Frankos, Lawrence Person, Tony Pi

Fri Aug 31 10:30-12:00 pm – The Short Fiction Club Scene (Haymarket)
Short fiction is often referred to as a ‘club scene’ where writers get together and kick back and forth new ideas. What’s going on in the short fiction markets? What are the hot trends? How has online publishing changed the field?
Mur Lafferty, Niall Harrison, Rachel Swirsky, Sheila Williams, Tony Pi

Fri Aug 31 3-4:30 pm – Travel as Research (Picasso)
They say travel broadens, does it work for writers, too? Can a road trip inspire or are you doomed to get it wrong? Can you see your own world more clearly from a distance.
Fran Wilde, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Tony Pi, Valerie Estelle Frankel

Sat Sep 1 12-1:30 pm – Autograph Session 8 (Autograph Tables)
Charles Justiz, James Kahn, Jim C. Hines, Joan Slonczewski, Lee Martindale, Mary Robinette Kowal, Nancy Fulda, Robert Reed, Tony Pi

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Story Extra at Side-Show Freaks: Remains of the Witch

Pay no attention to the author behind the curtain: the story behind “Remains of the Witch” is up at Side-Show Freaks.

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Year of the Water Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Year of the Water Dragon, and I happen to have a free story that features a water dragon that takes place during the Lantern Festival (the 15th day of the new year):

A Sweet Calling“, Clarkesworld #44

(podcast version)



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“Remains of the Witch” Live at IGMS

“Remains of the Witch” is the cover story for InterGalactic Medicine Show #26, and it’s beautifully illustrated by Anna Repp.

IGMS is subscription-based and allows access to all the back issues, so if you missed two of my previous stories (“We Who Steal Faces” in #22 and “Tekkai Exhales His Avatar” in #11), you can read them at the same time. Enjoy!

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Reprint: The Shadow-Witch in Spec-tacular

My story “The Shadow-Witch” from Cinema Spec will be reprinted February 2012 in:

Spec-tacular: Fantasy Favorites from
Raven Electrick Ink

Spec-tacular: Fantasy Favorites from Raven Electrick Ink showcases the fiction and poetry of 26 authors who have imagined the future of sports and games, the past of motion pictures, the alternatives to history, and the myths and legends of Halloween. From sleuthing in the realm of the Pumpkin King, to sailboarding at the universe’s edge, from searching for submarine ghosts, to streaming the end of the world, Spec-tacular focuses a speculative lens on our popular preoccupations and pastimes. This selection of editor and reviewer favorites from the sf, fantasy, and horror anthologies Sporty SpecCinema SpecRetro Spec, and Jack-o’-Spec features the work of Paul Abbamondi, J. S. Bangs, Paul L. Bates, Greg Beatty, Robert Borski, Bruce Boston, Sarah Brandel, G. O. Clark, Neil Coghlan, Shannon Connor Winward, Lyn C. A. Gardner, Jude-Marie Green, Samantha Henderson, Michael M. Jones, Deborah P Kolodji, Lisa Morton, E. C. Myers, Gregory L. Norris, Tony Pi, Daniel R. Robichaud II, Brian Rosenberger, Marge Simon, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Todd Wheeler, and Cliff Winnig.

Edited by Karen A. Romanko, Spec-tacular will be published by Raven Electrick Ink, publisher of Jack-o’-Spec: Tales of Halloween and FantasyRetro Spec: Tales of Fantasy and NostalgiaCinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy and Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic. The anthology is scheduled for release in February 2012 as a Kindle e-book.

Annotated Table of Contents for Spec-tacular:

  • Tony Pi, “The Shadow-Witch,” fiction, Cinema Spec.
  • Cliff Winnig, “The Experiment,” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • Paul Abbamondi, “Art Deco and the Infestation of New America,” fiction, Retro Spec.
  • Deborah P Kolodji, “Camera Obscura,” poem, Cinema Spec.
  • Paul L. Bates, “Prey,” fiction, Sporty Spec.
  • Gregory L. Norris, “The Two Houses,” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • E. C. Myers, “Perpetual Check,” fiction, Sporty Spec.
  • J. S. Bangs, “Screening of a Silent Film,” fiction, Cinema Spec.
  • Jude-Marie Green, “Hula Hoop,” fiction, Retro Spec.
  • Shannon Connor Winward, “All Souls’ Day,” poem, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • Sarah Brandel, “A Life in Pictures,” fiction, Cinema Spec.
  • Brian Rosenberger, “Menace Anyone,” poem, Sporty Spec.
  • Samantha Henderson, “Sugar Skulls,” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • Neil Coghlan, “Storm on Fifth Avenue,” fiction, Retro Spec.
  • Lisa Morton, “The End,” fiction, Cinema Spec.
  • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, “Star Boarding,” poem, Sporty Spec.
  • Robert Borski, “War at the Bijou,” fiction, Cinema Spec.
  • G. O. Clark, “Putting off the Past,” poem, Retro Spec.
  • Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, “Forty-Eight Hours a Year,” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • Lyn C. A. Gardner, “The Mustache,” fiction, Retro Spec.
  • Greg Beatty, “eventual, i,” poem, Cinema Spec.
  • Todd Wheeler, “Less Than Perfect,” fiction, Sporty Spec.
  • Bruce Boston, “beat people,” poem, Retro Spec.
  • Daniel R. Robichaud II, “Autumn Jitters,” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.
  • Marge Simon, “The Fix,” fiction, Retro Spec.
  • Michael M. Jones, “Who Killed the Pumpkin King?” fiction, Jack-o’-Spec.

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