The Gold Silkworm

The Gold Silkworm
“The Gold Silkworm”
Fantasy Magazine – December 13, 2010 (fantasy short story)

also available as a podcast

“What healing skills I had came by way of Cao Shen, the Spirit of Grass. Madame Ke might think me a charlatan for that, but medicine was medicine.”

Former swordswoman Yan Xue is now bonded to Cao Shen, the Spirit of Grass, which enables them to work as a healer, although they are still working out the two minds in one body thing. They discover that wealthy Master Ke has been infected by a malign spirit with a toxic spell in the form of a gold silkworm. The two spirits do battle through the surrogacy of fighting crickets… — Lois Tilton, Locus Online

Story Extra (spoilers)

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