Remains of the Witch

Remains of the Witch

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show #26, January 2012. (fantasy)

illustration by Anna Repp

“The witch-water showed me that you still seek me. For that, I love you all the more, but you’ll not find me in the shadows or hollows of Oz. I haven’t the courage to face you as I am, as I have become.”


Oz revisionism, from the point of view of the flying monkeys – or rather, Remue, a flying money taken as a protégée by the witch of the West and schooled in human manners for the sake of a bet.

“I’d make her cheeky but proper, droll but prim. North would have to concede that even a winged monkey could play the part of a lady. At tea, my creation will mock North with highborn words, while the fairy must bite her tongue and entertain her.”

But before the tea party could take place, West was dissolved, and Remue, not wishing to waste the magic, sopped up and saved all the green-tinged water she could. Which proves to be a mistake.

A neat idea, quite Ozzish in tone. Fans should like it. – Lois Tilton, Locus Online

Story Extra (spoilers)

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