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ASH Wednesday: Conclave Arise!

This is part 6 of my weekly series on Dave Van Domelen’s Academy of Super-Heroes universe, a collection of musings, interviews, writerly insights and historical notes about the free super-hero serials (which started on the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.creative back in ’94 and recently released as Omnibus editions.)

Conclave of Super-Villains marked my entrance into the ASH Universe, introducing the first true super-villain team in the setting. This Omnibus is a prelude to the first crossover event as well, which I’ll discuss next week. But I’ve asked Wil Alambre to write an introduction to this Omnibus. Wil actually wrote an issue of Time Capsules (much after I wrote these) that took some minor characters in the story I was telling, and told their personal stories in their own point of view. I’ve included his story in the Omnibus. Here are Wil’s thoughts on Conclave Arise!

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