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“A Sweet Calling” Translation Title: 糖灵召

SF World sent me their translated title for “A Sweet Calling”: 糖灵召 (simplified) or 召 (traditional).

糖 = sugar/candy (tang2)

灵 = spirit/soul (ling2) (traditional 靈)

召 = summon/imperial decree (zhao4)

It’s quite appropriate, with a double entendre as well.

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Chinese Translation Sale: “A Sweet Calling” to SF World

Science Fiction World, based in Chengdu, China, would like to translate my story “A Sweet Calling” (Clarkesworld Magazine) into Chinese for their October 2012 issue.  This would be my first story to appear in Chinese. Coincidentally, the story itself is set in old Chengdu. Looking forward to it!

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