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When The Villain Comes Home


edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood

Cover art by Scott Purdy

Heroes can save the world, but villains can CHANGE it. Dragon Moon Press and the editors of the award-nominated WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME invite you to come along with us while we explore villains of all stripes — sons and daughters, lovers and fighters, minions and masterminds. Introducing thirty great science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction stories by bestsellers and award winners, rising stars, and bold new voices.

Available in Trade Paperback and E-book Formats from Dragon Moon Press. [Goodreads | Amazon ]

Table of Contents:

Camille Alexa – Pinktastic and the End of the World
Erik Scott de Bie – Hunger of the Blood Reaver
Chaz Brenchley – Villainelle
Eugie Foster – Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me
David Sakmyster – Prometheus Found
Marie Bilodeau – Happily Ever After
Richard Lee Byers – Little Things
K.D. McEntire – Heels
Peadar Ó Guilín – The Sunshine Baron
Jim C. Hines – Daddy’s Little Girl
Ari Marmell – Than to Serve in Heaven
Karin Lowachee – The Bleach
Jay Lake – The Woman Who Shattered the Moon
Julie Czerneda – Charity
J.M. Frey – Maddening Science
Clint Talbert – Birthright
Rachel Swirsky – Broken Clouds
Tony Pi – The Miscible Imp
Leah Petersen – Manmade
J.P. Moore – Lord of the Southern Sky
Ryan McFadden – Back in the Day
Todd McCaffrey – Robin Redbreast
Erik Buchanan – Cycle of Revenge
Gregory A. Wilson – The Presuil’s Call
Rosemary Jones – The Man With Looking-Glass Eyes
Gabrielle Harbowy – Starkeep
Ed Greenwood – A Lot of Sly Work Ahead
Mercedes Lackey / Larry Dixon – Heir Apparent
Chris A. Jackson – Home Again, Home Again
Steve Bornstein – The Best Laid Plans

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When the Hero Comes Home TOC

Here’s the table of contents for WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME, co-edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy, available August 2011 from Dragon Moon Press.

A Place to Come Home To by Jay Lake and Shannon Page
An Evil Not Forgotten by Erik Buchanan
Full Circle by Steve Bornstein
Lessons Learned by Peadar Ó Guilín
Brine Magic by Tony Pi
The Legend of Gluck by Marie Bilodeau
One and Twenty Summers by Brian Cortijo
The Blue Corpse Corps by Jim C. Hines
Ashes of the Bonfire Queen by Rosemary Jones
Keeping Time by Gabrielle Harbowy
Scar Tissue by Chris A. Jackson
Coward by Todd McCaffrey
Nine Letters Found in a Muddied Case on the Road in Baden, Germany by Xander Briggs
The Once and Now-ish King by J.M. Frey
His Last Monster by J.P. Moore
Dark Helm Returns by Ed Greenwood
Mirror, Mirror by Phil Rossi
Knights and Beans by Julie Kagawa
Oathbreaker by Erik Scott de Bie

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TOC for Tesseracts 15

From the editors Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor:

A Safety of Crowds by E.L. Chen
Fragile Things by Amanda Sun
Just Dance by Whysper Lee
Poem – adaptation by Francine Lewis
Saving the Dead, or The Diary of an Undertaker’s Apprentice by Jennifer Greylyn
Feral by Nicole Luiken
A+ Brain by Katrina Nicholson
The Road to Good Intentions by Cat McDonald
The Windup Heiress by Leslie Brown
The Bridge Builder by Kevin Cockle
My Name is Tommy by Mike Rimar
Darwin’s Vampire by Elise Moser
Costumes by Shen Braun
Poem – Civility by J.J. Steinfeld
Take My Waking Slow by Michele Ann Jenkins
The Weirdo Adventures of Steve Rand by Claude Lalumière
Every You, Every Me by Virginia Modugno
The Oak Girl by Helen Marshall
Edge of Moonglow by Ed Greenwood
Split Decision by Robert Runte
Hide by Rebecca M. Senese
Four Against Chaos by Kurt Kirchmeier
Ice Pirates by Claire Eamer
Poem – You Always Knew by Michelle Barker
The Illumination of Cypher-Space by Lynne M. MacLean
The Tremor Road by Tony Pi
The Memory Junkies by K. Boorman

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