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Book Recommendation: RecipeArium

If you’re looking for a book of strange alien wonders, Costi Gurgu’s RecipeArium is such a work. I was happy to give the following blurb for the book:

Recipearium¬†is a sumptuous chronicle of alien culture and cutthroat intrigue, set in a city in the belly of a gargantuan beast. Gurgu’s novel gives you an exotic, daring banquet that you will not soon forget.


You can find it at Amazon, Indigo, or perhaps your friendly neighbourhood bookstore.

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Mike Rimar’s “Four Wizards and A Funeral”

My friend Mike Rimar, who’s also a member of my writing group the Stop-Watch Gang, appears in the latest issue of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show with his story, “Four Wizards and a Funeral“. We critiqued it in one of our sessions, and I thought it was quite a lot of fun. Congrats, Mike!

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