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DC Adventures and Deep Armageddon

I’ve been playing role-playing games since ’82, and sometimes that hobby intersects with my writing.

I’ve always loved superhero games, and when DC Adventures came out this year I was ecstatic: it combined Mutants and Masterminds‘ D20 rules with the classic DC Heroes system. It’s the perfect fill-in game for my group, since we can do quick pick-up games with familiar characters and histories without rules or background overload.

I designed their current adventures based on an Academy of Super-Heroes arc. ASH is a shared-world superhero fic in the same vein as Wild Cards, only published free on rec.arts.comics.creative. I learned the craft partly through writing issues of Conclave of Super-Villains starting in 1997 (though at the time I didn’t think I’d go into writing professionally).

ConflictoConflicto, fan art by Joe Singleton

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