Free-To-Read: Tekkai Exhales His Avatar

tony22_small3.jpgFour of my stories are now free-to-read at Intergalactic Medicine Show. I’ll introduce one a day with some commentary.

“Tekkai Exhales His Avatar”

The bulk of this story was written in 24 hours at the Pasadena WOTF writing workshop in 2007, inspired by a trinket that KD Wentworth and Tim Powers gave out as a story seed. Mine was a small polar bear ornament. This was my first story at IGMS. My cousin I-Wei Huang did art sometimes for IGMS, so I asked if he could do the art for my story. So, we collaborated on the incredible tattooed arm illustration, which will always be my favourite. It’s also one of my rare purely science fiction stories, though full of mythological lore. Enjoy!

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