“We Who Steal Faces” Live at OSC IGMS

My short story, “We Who Steal Faces”, appears in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show #22, April 2011 today. It features Flea (from “The Paragon Lure” and “Metamorphoses in Amber”) in a tale set in sixteenth century Venice.

The amazing artwork above is by Jin Han. I share this issue with some great authors:

“Love, Cayce” by Marie Brennan
“Exodus Tides” by Aliette de Bodard
“Exiles in Eden” by Brad Torgersen
“The Long Way Home” by David Lubar

There’s more about these stories, as well as subscription and single-issue purchase information at their blog. I’ve also created a page for the story here. I will be reading an excerpt from this story tonight at Ad Astra at 10 p.m.

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One response to ““We Who Steal Faces” Live at OSC IGMS

  1. Hello again. Remember me?
    From Venezuela, student from literature teacher David Durán. Hope everything is all right. I see it finally came out the new precuel from Flea’s tales. Congrats.
    How can I access to read or obtain the story? I would really like to read it.

    Best wishes…

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