The Pinocchio Cantatas

“The Pinocchio Cantatas”
Heroes issue, Tales of the Unanticipated, #28, 2007. (fantasy short story)

“I yearn to fly free and race the wind, but I cannot. I am trapped, as are my brethren, tied to a children’s ride. We must wait until our Riders free us so we may hunt the siren songs that feed off death.”


My favorite stories included…Tony Pi’s “The Pinocchio Cantatas”, about a living carousel animal. — Richard Horton, sff.people.richard-horton

…The imagery of this surreal fantasy engages deeply…Mitch, Chivaree’s rider, is sympathetic, and he is intriguingly used in a subplot that explores choices and change. “The Pinocchio Cantatas” is recommended for fantasy readers who like dark elements without a dark ending. — Rae Bryant, The Fix Online

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